Honda 4 Stroke Lectron Carburettors

Lectron has a rich history in developing carbs for all types of engines. Their unique metering rod system does away with jets resulting in a much simpler tuning proccess. No jets means no fiddling around changing main jets and pilot jets for different weather and track conditions. Lectrons brilliant adjusting tool makes trackside adjustment fast and accurate without the need to stock up on different jet sizes.

The Lectron carbs are able to operate in a much wider range of applications, temperature, and elevation due to their fuel vaporization efficiencies. Changes to operate beyond the wide range are simple and easy to make with a screwdriver and adjusting the metering rod. Changes do not require the removal of the float bowl. Depending on access to the carbs, the carbs do not have to be removed from the engine. All adjustments are made from the top side of the carb. 

Lectron Fuel Systems have been producing 2 stroke carburettors since the 70s. The new Gen 2 4T 4 Stroke carburettors have recently been developed and are new to the market specially designed for increased 'racing' ready performance and lower fuel consumption for increased fuel economy. That is why you can Go Further Faster With Lectron!

No Jets No fuss

Smoother power delivery Increases performance and increases fuel economy, automatically compensates for elevation and temperature changes

The Lectron carb self compensates for every possible condition change where increases/decreases in oxygen and fuel ratios are required to include: atmosphere, weather, altitude, and temperature giving you a trouble free experience, perfect for anything from everyday riding to extreme racing; without the need to constantly change jets. 

Lectrons provide superior throttle response and power delivery by utilizing a fully patented metering rod. Our simple design does not use any jets. Our taper bore squeezes the air to increase speed and create fuel lift behind our flat metering rod. Lectrons are a great choice for riders seeking performance with fuel economy and smoother power delivery. Most 4 stroke engines idle around 1500 2400 RPMs this is where 4 stroke Lectrons function best but no lower. Our new idle correction circuit helps maintain good idle while still having a good throttle snap off low RPM so there is no need for an accelerator pump. Lectron is a competitive advantage to 4 stroke engines used for all racing and off road applications. 

Please Note: Your 4T Gen 2 Lectron Carb will be custom made to suit your bike. Please see the 'Order Forms' tab at the top of our website to complete our 4 stroke order form after your purchase. We will need your existing carb measurements so we can ensure that your custom built Lectron will fit perfectly into your motorcycle. Your Lectron carburettor will also come pretuned to your Make, Model, and Year of bike. Please provide any additional information, special notes or special modifications on the form, that we might need to consider when making your new carburettor.

Once you have placed your order and we have received your completed form delivery will be approximately 3 weeks.

This kits include: 

Gen 2 Four Stroke Carb 
Throttle Cable 
Domino Throttle Assembly


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