KTM 2 Stroke Lectron Carburettors

Lectron has a rich history in developing carburettors for all types of engines. Their unique metering rod system does away with jets resulting in a much simpler tuning proccess. No jets means no fiddling around changing main jets and pilot jets for different weather and track conditions. Lectrons brilliant adjusting tool makes trackside adjustment fast and accurate without the need to stock up on different jet sizes.

The beauty of the Lectron Fuel Management System is its ability to read the fuel requirements based on air flow volume (density) and temperature to automatically provide the proper fuel/air mixture. The Lectron carbs are able to operate in a much wider range of applications, temperature, and elevation due to their fuel vaporization efficiencies.

Changes to operate beyond the wide range are simple and easy to make with a screwdriver and adjusting the metering rod. Changes do not require the removal of the float bowl. Depending on access to the carbs - you may not even have to remove from the engine.

All adjustments are made from the top side of the carb.

No jets - no fuss

Smoother power delivery Increases performance and increases fuel economy, automatically compensates for elevation and temperature changes

KTM125 - 300


The New H Series from Lectron Carburettors has landed. The new design has improved internal mold which give 60% more aggressive venturi and a redesigned bell. The new slide design give better response and the idle position has been raised to give more adjustment.

The new slide works in conjunction with the increased bore taper to create more airflow (CFM) at low throttle positions. This generates higher velocity, more fuel lift and improved bottom end performance.  The higher velocity also activates the power jet earlier to creat a stronger, more tunable mid-range.

Testing at Lectron has shown upto 20% increase in torque and horsepower (based on a KTM250).

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