TM 2 Stroke Lectron Carburettors

Lectron is a manufacturer of high performance fuel systems and is the first innovator of Metering Rod carburetor and first Flat slide carburetor designed for motorcycles. Their unique metering rod system does away with jets resulting in a much simpler tuning proccess. No jets means no fiddling around changing main jets and pilot jets for different weather and track conditions. Lectrons brilliant adjusting tool makes trackside adjustment fast and accurate without the need to stock up on different jet sizes.

Through thorough testing, outperform anything else on the market while getting better fuel economy, making more power, and never having to rejet!

Performance Improvements

  • Significantly more bottom end hit
  • Significantly improved throttle response
  • Faster power jet activation
  • New slide design and metering rod location improves idle
  • Finer idle adjustment (much finer threads on screw)

Design Changes:

  • Billet construction
  • Metric hardware
  • OEM throttle cable compatibility for most two stroke applications.
  • Shorter overall length and height
  • New metering rod adjustment mechanism (1/8th turn increments)
  • Bowl drain with integrated g-force kit
  • H-Style slide (aluminum now vs. Zinc previously)
  • New top cover design with two screws and locating tabs
  • Gasketed body halves with dowel pins vs. sealant
  • New bore and bell design
  • New choke design
  • New float system
  • New high flow, sprung needle seat valve
  • New bowl material (clear, more impact resistant)
  • Horizontal power jet screw that is adjustable by hand
  • Relocation of carburetor vents with 4 lines


Easy Tuning Kit

Includes quick change billet thumbscrews for the top cover and a metering rod adjustment tool. This short body product with a 78mm overall length. Suitable for most modern 125-300cc two strokes


SKU E11TM000001
Brand Lectron
Shipping Weight 1.0000kg