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F1MOTO is partnered with Lectron Fuel Systems USA to bring the world's best 'Jettless' carburettor to the UK. F1MOTO is an online retailer specialising in hard parts for racing applications, on or off the track. We love Lectron carburettors so we brought them to the UK. Lectron first disrupted the industry when it began in 1974 by developing two carburettor firsts; the flat slide and the flat metering rod. Lectron continues to build upon these innovations and supplies both professional racers and weekend warriors with technology that improves torque, horsepower, and fuel economy while adjusting for atmospheric conditions.

Lectron takes the trial & error out of tuning, eliminating all the painful hours spent trying to micro adjust for 'known' factors and 'unknown' tuning variables. This well designed carb adjusts to compensate for things like altitude changes, pipe swaps, porting, reeds and any other thing that you would usually have to "re-jet" your carb for, so that your bike continues to run crisp. Here's how they do this; Lectron uses a single fuel metering device (AKA Metering Rod). This one device takes the place of a pilot jet, intermediate circuit, and main jet found in a conventional carburettor. This one metering rod not only replaces the 'jet' (a single port metal tube that air and fuel pass through to create fuel mixture), but also offers the equivalent surface area and technology equal to approximately 12 main jets versus the normal 4 to 5 jet configuration in a conventional carburettor.

Lectron’s new ownership took the helm in 2010.  Since that time we have expanded our product line and refined our production processes.  We are focused on the total customer experience – delivering a superior product, while providing world-class service. With new ownership and innovative people at the helm of this amazing company, Lectron carbs have gotten a huge 'reboot' and have further developed there ranges of carburetors to suit a wider range of vehicles and now offer minimal tuning; making most applications 'plug & play' compatible straight out of the box. The units come pre-tuned and engineered for extended applications and typically require only minor tuning adjustments when installed, like minor idle and throttle adjustments, etc.

The modern Lectron brand is quickly gaining International attention in the racing and performance markets, and rivaling even fuel injections systems in application, economy, and performance output. More importantly with no jets to change, minimal effort to tune, increased lap times, and better fuel efficiency; they simply outperform the mainstream of average carbs and are consistent in one very vital area, in winning races!

We are proud to help our customers maximize the potential of their motorcycles.

Go Farther Faster with Lectron!


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