Yes, if you haven't already heard? The great news, that we have all been waiting for, has finally arrived! It is offical: Lectron 4T stroke carburetors are now available for sale! Now 2T and 4T carbs are available for every bike, vehicle and custom application in the market where carbureted aspiration is needed to power your petrol, ethanol, or racing fueled engines! There are a few things to consider when ordering your new Lectron caburetor. Size, is perhaps the most important consideration when ordering your new Lectron 4T carburetor (and with some models of 2T bikes we will also require you to fill out these forms), as your new Lectron carb will need to be custom made to your bike's specifications.


First things first, thank you for making the choice to replace your OEM carb / existing carb (that fits in your bike now), with a Lectron carburetor. Lectrons are awesome! You will never look back over your shoulder wanting your old carb back. Your Lectron carburetor will be custom built for your bike and is made to order just for you. We are here at every step of this process to help you, please reach out to us if you require any assistance. In this section we will need some details from you about the measurements of your existing carburetor to ensure that your new Lectron carb is the right size in terms of clearances / tolerances to actually fit within your bike frame and sit nicely with other mods or equipment installed on your bike. Please use the form we have provided to fill in your existing carb's measurements in millimeters.


If you are interested in getting a quote or ordering one of Lectron's newly released 4-stroke model caburetors, please click on the Option below (Helpful Tip: Option 3 is the express lane) that best suits you:



Helpful Tips:

  • Option 3 is the express lane, a fully online process and is the fastest, easist, way to submit the required form.
  • Option 3 has been designed for ease of use, the left and right arrow keys and the enter key on your keyboard are there to help you navigate through the online form sections, or just click your way through, up to you.
  • Once you have opened a new window by selecting any of the Options below, you can hit the back arrow in your browser at any time to come back to this page, as a point of reference.
  • If printing your form, please remember to select black & white or grayscale in your printer settings to minimize your ink usage.
  • If not printing your form, always download the pdf form and save it to your computer, next open the saved copy before filling it in.
  • After filling in your pdf form, save it again before uploading it, (otherwise you could be sending us a blank form).




Manual Printing Option

Option 1: This option is for you if you want to take a printed form with you out to your bike. Please download the form, print it out, fill it in with a pen, and scan it onto your computer. (Simply click on the green Option 1 button below to download the form and use the upload button below to send it back to us by clicking submit).







Advanced Editable PDF Option

Option 2: This option is for you if you want to save the form to your desktop, fill it in, save it, and then upload it to us. (Simply click on the green Option 2 button below to fill in the form and then save it and use the upload button below to send it back to us by clicking submit).




Express Lane Option

Option 3: This option is the for you if you want more specific detailed instructions on measuring your old carb or you simply want to take the fast lane toward filling out and submitting the form here on our website. (Simply click on the green Option 3 button below to fill in the form step by step and then submit it, it is that easy).





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